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Nature Blows

So my ongoing Saga of my Ducklings has proceded on and has broken my will/spirit and heart. I spent a good portion of sunday yelling at kids ranging from 7 – 13 years of age for throwing rocks at ducks, chasing ducklings, trying to pick up the ducklings. Don’t parents instill the value of life […]


So I got a tetanus shot yesterday.. Boy is my arm sore! It’s better then it was last night tho. And I slept from like 8pm to 11am this morning. Sleepy ness rocks.. I checked up on my rescued duckies.. All 10 are outside with their momma and walking and swimming and looking super cute. […]


I am a hero. I saved 6 little Ducklings.. and my wife rescued 2! The poor ducklings in question fell down one of the rain drains this morning when I was leaving for work. I was late for work, but the ducklings are back with their momma. I did scrape my hands no the rusty […]


Last nite was a movie nite with Andy. 9.25! what the fuck! so expensive now! We went and saw Sin City. The Movie was pretty awesome and Jessica Alba is super hot. The whole time watching it it reminded me of Max Payne 2 or hold Humphrey Bogart movies. The whole noir schtic. Was very […]


I went to T’s Softball game today. She got a hit! was awesome! I cheered.. good stuff.. A side note to Worrell being crap, I have a history of talking shit on a guy and then they do awesome.. so expect Worrell to win the Cy Young this year or some shit. Sin City tonite […]


Wow! Alots happened since my last post!! Me and Matt went to a phillies v. mets game last night. Freaking Rock! Was super awesome great stuff. Burrell hit a hr, and Wolf pitched a strong 8. Thome’s 0-5 with no Hrs on the year.. Figures I’d have him on may Fantasy Baseball team.. and worrell.. […]


After watching T’s game yesterday I’ve been trying to get a game going at work. So far it’s coming along swimingly and tons of people want to play! I think we’re aiming for next sunday. So this is gonna rock.. I’m an UBER BALL PLAYER!

Cheerios for BreakFast!

Yes it’s true! I’m eating breakfast again today! First time in like a month. Me and T went to the supermercado after her game (Go T! Way to Win!) and got some danny food. Cereal, Pretzels, Chips.. Yumm! Not to mention some Dr Pepper. In Video Game news, I just got my Geforce 4 4800 […]

Go Team Go!

Today is tiannas first softball game. Should be fun watching her play. Go T! I wish i had a softball team. Me and Erik were talking about looking to see if there are still leagues and if we can play in one! That would be awesome. We go live with a new Chat Software today. […]

I Survived 4-12

And all I got was this lousy T Shirt!! Boy today was crap.. not only was it new plan day, and Firewall day, BUT! the internet decided to break today.. Thank you AT&T. Poor Darrell spent all day fixing shit and even more shit kept breaking.. Darrell deserves a Pizza, or a trophy, maybe a […]