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It finally happened….

Trogdor had a hard drive failure 🙁 Surprisingly enough it was the maxtor that had no mounting brackets and was resting in the drive bay.. le sigh… first hard drive failure I’ve ever had.. oh well.. first time for everything.. the drive’s been disabled in the fstab.. gonna need to pull her out this weekend. […]

I was sick I swear!

Yeah I was sick. First it was T, then me, then T again and now I’m illing once more.. Doctors tomorrow. hopefully she’ll fix me up. So beyond being sick.. STAR WARS EPISODE 3! Yes i was there opening day.. first in line at my showing… and I love it.. yeah it had cheezy dialouge.. […]

Thursday’s Revisited

Today is another thursday.. their not really that bad of days really.. only 1 day of work left.. so cant be horrible.. and it’s not monday.. or wednesday call volumey… so it’s overall not a halfbad day.. Also it’s usually game nite day.. but not today. This thursday’s post is just a recap of the […]

Wild Thursdays

So yesterday was a bit of wildness.. a: Dentist: boy did they tear my teeth up. I need to go to the dentist more often. No Cavities tho. Wohohoo! b: MORE DUCKIES!!!!!! So me and T were looking at the OG 5 duckilings, and the new eggs of the soon to be duckies when we […]

Go Ryan Howard

So the phils finally put Thome on the DL and called up Ryan Howard(who i also grabbed for my Fantasy Baseball team). I’m excited to see what the kid’s got. Me and Andy were lucky enough to catch his first at bat last year.. but he struck out 🙁 Hopefully he’ll do a bit better […]

Great Blue Heron Sighting!!!!

Woah! So I have a new visitor at my pond! This is indeed a Great Blue Heron! I’ve Named him Herbert, Herbert Heron. Wildlife is Awesome.

More Ducks!

My 5 ducks that I have become the caretaker for have been doing well. They are getting so big! But there is some even better news!!!!!!! Duck Eggs! That’s right there is a brand new batch of what looks like 8 more ducklings on their way! I saw the eggs yesterday and I’m uber excited […]

Softball is fun. Ok!

So Yesterday was our great softball shindig. Pretty awesome if you ask me. At first it was looking a little bad as it rained all morning. However I was out and about at the field at 10:30 and assured our group there would be a good place to play. We played on a football field […]