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Blog the Planet!

So I just found out today we’re going to be offering a wordpress based blog hosting package here at work! That is super cool! And the way they are setting it up sounds really awesome. We’re going to allow them to upload their own themes and include 400+ themes to begin with. Very nifty! Blogging […]

Host My Rain Ball

So we had another game last night. We only got 4 innings in, so the game is not official as of yet. But Dan B HMS had some smooth plays. My Base Running Prowess caused an error and I was able to score from second on a errant throw from Mike Z to Byron. Not […]

Oh Boy…

So Dubya has announced his nominee for the Supereme Court yesterday. Some shady guy Judge John Roberts. This guy has only been a judge for two years and looks like he’s your typical republican cronie. Some of the things that concern me are his stances on enviromental protection, religious freedom and free speech. Bush has […]

Softball woohoo!

So we had another softball game after our 23-7 drubbing last week. This time the other team pulled out again so we had a little intra-squad scrimmage again. Although this time we’ve decided to devide our team in two and field two teams for the league now. This works much better and now we can […]

Harry Potter!

So i finshed reading the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yesterday. Got the book from a nice Postal Service Lady at about 10:30 am, and read non-stop from then on. I finished roughly at about 8:30. ! 10 Hours of Harry Potter. Now I got to wait another 2 years for the […]

Wow.. We got smoked..

So we played our first game for the softball league today.. and boy we got smoked.. Lots of errors, lots of mistakes.. not enough base runners nor clutch hitting. We need to work on the fundamentals a bit more. It’s like a little league game where everyone runs to the ball. Also the 25 or […]

Oh yeah Softball tointe!!!

Woohoo! Softball game 1! We play some accounting firm tonite and we have like 19 people who want to play. I think arthur might have a hard time getting all these people some playing time. Fun stuff! Go Team Go!

Harry Potter Mania!

So I’m getting super exctied about the new Harry Potter book coming out! I just finished re-reading Goblet of Fire and have just started working on Order of the Phoenix. This outgha be fun! Gotta read it before the owls deliver my copy of the book to my door!! One thing that has always bothered […]

GO Team Go!

So it’s been a busy last couple of weeks! Danny came home from Iraq the other day and was home for 2 weeks. Just long enough to see Carina born! She’s adorable and super cute. He had to head back this week tho. So It’ll be sad again. Also my sister moves to Wisconsin at […]

Onward and Upward…

So this is my second week back on days. It’s good to be back.. the 4th weeked was fun and action packed. Played some softball and some golf. My arm was a bit sore. Had a crazy relative run in this weekend at my cousin justina’s graduation. My dad’s side of the family can be […]