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Wow did Yesterday Suck

One of the big problems about working for the internet, is that when it breaks, life truly is suky. My place of buisiness had a bit of a network hiccup yesterday that had one of our datacenter completely dead in the water for about an hour. No outbound or inbound traffic. Basically one of our […]

Another Day Another Loss

2 1/1 games out with 4 games to go. Alas it is starting to look bleak. The last game could be very significant. I will be there. Wearing my Hat and my shirt. Cheering on the fighting phils. But looks like Matt and the Metz got the chance to play spoiler this year. Le Sigh. […]

Woah, their like.. Magical.

The title of todays post was the quote of the night from the game last night as Andy commented about the female stars who kept appearing on the Phillies Fan-o-Vision. The game was fantastic.. brought down only by the loss. Damn phillies bullpen. There was a 2 and 1/2 hour rain delay before the game […]

What a Weekend!

What a weekend I had. Saturday night was a hang out night with the guys. Nick, Matt and Jason came over while the girls went to their Mary Kay party to get makeuped-up… We watched Salenas! and then went out to get some food and stopped by the video game store. Matt told me I […]

Magic Poof!

Last night I participated in my first Magic Game in like 10 years. Nick had a 5 points game, which everyone plays a different color. I didn’t do great, but wasn’t the first one out of each game either. Andy Stops won the first game as green, and nick won the second game as white. […]

Talk Like a Pirate Day Be on Us!

Today be th’ best tide ever. in honor o’ pirate day, today`s posts will be in gentleman o’ fortunish. Th’ eagles beat them sons of a biscuit eater o’ th’ se’en seas th’ niners. What a great game ‘t be. I will be watcihng th’ tape tonight thanks t’ th’ ferraris. Talk like a gentleman […]

Oh yeah I gave Blood Yesterday!

I dontated blood yesterday! Towards the end i started feeling a little queasy. So I’m a pint down for the day. They took 1/12 of my blood! it’s kinda scary to think of it like that. But I do feel good about myself for donating. It reinstates me and T’s blood bank membership so just […]

On an on..

Well we met with the mortgage people and decided on a mortgage package. Our mortgage person seems really super nice, and Nancy seems to really like her so I’m keeping our faith on that to ensure we dont get screwed over. Another day older and deeper in debt! St Peter dont you call me cause […]

Sadness mixed with Joy

Alas: you cannot win them all… It’s a long season… It’s only one game… I keep saying these things to myself this morning after a heartbreaker last night. 14-10 Falcons over the Eagles. But the eagles will bounce right back against the niners on sunday so there is not much to worry about. And when […]

One Step Closer to Endless Debt!

Woohoo! On Saturday while celebrating T’s Birthday in virginia this weekend(happy b-day sweetheart!!) we got a call from our landlord. Looks like the owners of the house counter-offered us. We accepted so it looks like the house will be ours! There is some final paper work and stuff that needs to be taken care of. […]