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Move out! Move In!

So what a weekend! Mad props go out to all our friends who came out to help Tianna and I move. We so greately appreciate everything you all have done for us. Darrell, Matt, Heather, Josh, Jon, Andy, Nick, Jason, Daria, Billy, Gina, Annie, The Silvas, the Bogarts, the Ianacones.. Thank You all! You guys […]

Debian Linux!

Which OS are You? Trogdor 3.0 will be debian.

We run Shit.

Courtesy of Penny Arcade: Woot

Day 2 Home Owner

It is now day 2 of the Bogart Home Owning Era. Very excited to finally move in on sunday. We’ve been packing and arranging all kinds of crap now trying to get everything together to get ready to move. It’s amazing how much crap you find that you have when you are cleaning up. I […]

Another day older and deeper in debt…

Well here I am, 4pm on Tuesday October 25th, a homeowner! We just got back from signing all the papers and going into debt for the rest of our lives, and surprisingly enough I feel uber relieved/relaxed… no more stressing out over the closing.. Woohooo! My cousin hooked us up with the lawyer stuff, that […]

Off to buy a house…

Here we go.. we’re off to start a very scary day. Buying our house! My stomach is all in knots… but hopefully everything will go off without a hitch.. Wish us luck!!

We’re so almost there…

7:30 – Wake Up 8:00 – Leave for the new house 8:30 – House Walk Through then head up to the attorneys office 9:00 – Meet At Attorneys by 11:00 AM I am a home owner.. EEEP!

T minus 1 day and counting..

This is it. It all starts tomorrow. The closing is tomorrow morning and with it comes our ownership of our first house. We dont move in untill Sunday actually so that should be exciting. We’ve begun packing and the cats have been all panicking. Mojo seems to be taking it hard and has been seeking […]

Last Week…

As you may have realized from the lack of posts (if anyone reads this) last week was one of those weeks you just want to forget completely. So we’re not posting anything about it but this and moving right along

One Crappy Week

I’ve written off this entire week at HMS as just a crap week. Beyond the callouts and the plague infecting the call center, it’s been just a busy ass week… So I’m lookin forward to some recovery time this weekend. Some video games, tv, books to read, and just relaxing. Maybe sleep in till 11… […]