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On a brighter note!

A few things to keep this place cheery tho. I finally made the 40’s on wow! woohoo! I have a mount! Thanks alan for loaning me some bling to get it! Now that I’m 40+ i need to start thinking about what type of craft i want to do. I’m thinking of going blacksmithing, although […]


oops is right. made a bit of a boo boo at work today and it seems to have gotten posted all over the internets. (yup there are two according to dubya). A statement i made got taken out of context and someone tried to use it to smear not only us but another company. le […]

Bye Bye Wagner

Well the New York Metzeez have been stocking up all year for what looks like a big run next year. With the names that they have thrown together over the past couple of years this team is looking big and juiced and ready to go for next season. Glavine, Pedro in the past few years.. […]

This is how I feel about math:

Gilick For President!

Thome for Rowand! Awesome! Phillies were able to solve their 1b problem. Keeping Howard became the key this offseason. And being able to ship off thome for salary relief is a huge windfall. Also finally getting a decent center fielder and put in some right handed batting help will be huge. Phillies always had the […]

Shave Protest!!

It is official… The HMS morning crew (with a few exceptions) will be staging a shaving protest. We will not shave untill the Eagles win a game. Hopefully this will be a short protest!


Last night was horrible. My Stomach is still upset and I feel like I’m going to throw up…. In true Philadelphia fashion, the eagles took a 13 point lead into the final 4 minutes of the game, and managed to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” as my friend nick says. Even with Matt […]

EEEP! 2 Weeks!

Good Lord, it’s been two weeks and I havn’t posted anything! Need to get you guys back up to date on new stuf.. Umm: New House.. werd. WoW – Still good times. Eagles – Still Losing T.O. Still an idiot.. no longer an Eagle!!! So yes TO no longer is an Eagle. The Eagles have […]

Phillies set to name Gillick new GM!!!

Gillick new Phillies GM Looks like a new face has arrived for the phillies this year. Pat Gillick formerly of the Mariners will be the new Phils GM coming up. This is pretty exciting! Could be good stuff for the phils, although it will be interesting to see how he handles the slew of problems […]