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It’s not a Toomah!

So apparently my head wound from the monitor my cats knocked on my head was a bit more serious then i had first thought. Monday after work I went home and went right to sleep (drowsyness is bad) and then woke up with a really bad headache and feeling dizzy. So the wife made me […]

Broken Windows for Jebus’s B-Day?

What a wacky weekend. Got some fantabulous presents.. Alpacas and Pirates were well represented… And me and T got a broken car window for xmass! Around 11pm last night my cats thought I hadn’t gotten enough and decided to get together and give me something. So they both jumped on the computer monitor and pushed […]

What Leader am i?

What Famous Leader Are You?personality tests by

Snow Snow Snow

We’ve gotten our first big snow storm of the year here in Newark. Woke up to the merry site of a sea of white all over the back yard. Went outside brused mine and T’s cars off with the broom, bundled up and began my merry trip to work. I used to be all about […]

Quaterback Controversey in Philly?

The drum beat for a new Quaterback in philly has begun. However this time Donovan is completely out of the picture. It’s been a while since we’ve had these types of worries around here. My proposal: Andy Hall! Let’s go UD! Bring in Andy! He cant do any worse then McMahon or Koy? I was […]