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17 Games of Joy

“Dear DAN BOGART, Thank you for your 2006 Phillies ticket purchase at Citizens Bank Park. A summary of your order follows: 17 Game Plan-C” Woot!! You read that right.. I am now the proud owner of a 17 game season ticket plan to the phillies. I am overjoyed. Yes I am sharing this package with […]

French Fries for lunch..

Is anything better then eating french fries for lunch? I think not. Props to dhyde and red robin for a most excellent 12 o’clock hour. Woot.

Sleep Sleep Sleepy-head

Sucks when you cant sleep at night and you come to work with 3 hours of sleep. Teh Sux.

I’m Zip Zip Zippy..

Zoom. I’m driving home tonight, giddy at the thought of seeing the exciting modifications and alterations to the color scheme of my house that tianna and her (our) friends conducted during the long cold afternoon during this first day of a hectic busy work week. Working late to 5:30 for a meeting, didnt roll out […]

Food of the gods…

This has been quite a week for my stomach. After being Sick on Monday Tuesday Night: Red Robin… Hellz yea.. THE Red Robin was there and sat us. It was fantastic Wednesday Lunch: Red Robin Again! This time with dhyde and lowthera… good times. Thursday Lunch: Don Pablo’s with Tianna and the infamous Chocolate Volcano […]

WordPress 2.0!

I jumped on the bandwagon and upgraded to WordPress 2.0. The upgrade went fairly well. No problems to report. I know I have been slacking on the updates to the blog. I’ve been sick, lazy and busy. A bad combination for productivity. I’ve been working on a d&d campaign for T and a few friends. […]