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Trogdor 3.1!

Well after much much hassle, elandsness and danbhms with the assistance from pmeserve(failed too) and rbarr(woot! go ryan) we got the issues solved. Issue 1: the 200gb hd – turns out there WAS a jumper a for the drive that set it to 32gb… yeah I’m a dork. It’s fixed. Drive is 200gb.. woot. Issue […]

Trogdor 3.0 != Alive.

Everything looked good with the new incarnation of trogdor. The new server was up and the os was installed. We were gonna move some stuff over today and do some stress testing on the new box. Logging in this morning was in for 5 minutes when the server bounced on it’s own.. when it came […]

Trogdor 3.0!

That’s right! The mighty trogdor is getting a much needed upgrade! We not have a server with 512mb of RAM! and a AMD 1.4 ghz Proc! Trogdor 3.0 will be much improved over trogdor 2.0. We are currently testing out the hardware and the new FreeBSD 6.0, working out the install kinks before the new […]

Orange? or… Orange?

J.T. found this this morning after we were pontificating over my snack orange… Thought it was interesting enough to share with the world: “Which named which? Did the fruit called an orange give rise to the name of the colour orange, or vice versa?” [A] This is an easy one for me to answer, since […]