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Happy Vernal Equinox!

Today is the Vernal Equinox!! Precise time of the Equinox is at 18:26 UTC! 5 hours or so from now!

The Great Migration has been migrated to trogdor new! We will be doing the rest of the sites over the next few days. Woot! Go Trogdor!

Sensitivity and Spatial Variability of Arctic Precipitation Bias Adjustments

Tianna is in Chicago right now for the AAG conference. She’s presenting so that’s pretty cool, 🙁 but I’m kicking it bachelor pad style for the next few days, so that’s kinda lonely at the house but meh, whatcha gonna do. Check out T’s presentation for the conference. She worked super uber hard on it […]

Props to the French.

Props to the French for french toast and french bread pizza.. and french fries.. although their Belgian. I’m not normally a sucker for the breakfast food. hell for food at all, however french toast has won a place in my heart as of late. It’s been a hectic week! I know i say that alot. […]