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Softball Woot

Our first softball game of the season was tonight. We played a moving company and got beat pretty soundly in both games by a team from a moving company, so you know they could hit. Was neat playing under the lights and in the rain.. good times. I think we are still just getting our […]

American Dreamz… Dreams with a Z.

Nick, Hannah and Tianna and I went to see the newest Hugh Grant movie over the weekend. I’m a huge Hugh Grant fan so I’m a little biased but here is my review of American Dreamz. First off, hilarious. I love Hugh’s character and how jaded about everything he just seems to be. He’s just […]

Lets Go Phils!

I havnt posted in a while, and I blame baseball entirely.. I’ve gone to my first game. Against the cardinals and the phils lost. Snakes on a plane.. They’ve won a few since! 5-7 now. They took two from the braves and two from the rockies so they are on a good stretch now. Lets […]


There was a bright woman who kicked in a shoe. She had so many snakes on a plane She didn’t know what to do.