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Softball Leg Hurts, Phillies, Hamels, and PHP

Yes, my bruise updates have stopped for the time being. Work started kicking my ass and got too busy to upload the pictures. So whatev, I’ll post some at another time… when things calm down with the work and I have some time to breathe. I further aggravated a muscle pull or something with a […]

Black Bruise, Blue Bruise, Red Bruise, Yellow Bruise?

Today is IDay +4 and the bruise is starting to look quite pretty. We’re starting to see a bit of yellow in the bruise along with more black and blue. Less red so far. I’m looking forward to it changing further colors. I’m putting together a seperate page that will show all the pictures and […]

Bruise Bruise Bruise

My Bruise is progressing well. It’s Impact Day (or IDay) +3. I’ll cut right to the chase and show the bruise: As you can see the blood has started to drain down the leg from gravity. This gives the bruise a bit of a stretching effect. It now looks more like I got hit by […]

Bruise Day 2!

Onto Day 2 of my awesome bruise documentation progress. I cant wait untill it gets to the really cool yellow and green colors. That’s when bruises are the best. The leg has stiffened up a little bit and it’s a bit hard to move. Also on top of that my right contact still feels wierd.. […]


Damn the contacts.. Well I guess I cant really blame them for my poor play at softball tonight. But I will blame them for this… Yes it was as painful as it looks, but I played the rest of the game and the next and didnt complain one bit. I hit pretty bad except for […]

Oh Glorious Contacts

I’m on day 6 of wearing contacts and so far so good. Had a brief problem yesterday when my left contact drifted into the corner of my eye leading to some panicked moments as I thought it had fallen out. I eventually got it out and it’s back in now. Today is the first day […]

King Cole Game 1

Hamels looked great.. it’s a shame they had to pull him for Nunez to strike out with the bases loaded. and of course madsen brought his problems to poor Cole Hamels game, no win for Cole. but the kid showed some good stuff. Threw alot of pitches (90+) but gave up only 1 hit in […]

Yet another Rain Delay, but the best play ever? possibly.

Last night Andy, Matt and I went to the phillies game even with the looming threat of rain. Andy’s car wasnt working so we took the Sentra.. good ‘ole sentry. We arrived at the game just in time for the late start. After grabbing some cheesesteaks (chicken wiz witout for me) we took a spot […]

Contacts/Return of the Blog

I really do mean to post more every day, but the hectic pace of my life lately has been a deterent. So here i go trying to make another push with blog postings. I’ve been getting out and attending a number of phillies games recently. Tonight will be my third in 7 days (if the […]

Phils Call Up Hamels!

Woot! I’m so excited. 36k’s in 23 ip with a .39 ERA. Kids gonna be exciting! I’m ordering my Jersey now!