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Posting More I Swear…

The wife has been getting on me about not posting enough so I’m gonna start writing this post this morning, and just keep going throughout the day as I remember more stuff. The weekend was pretty uneventful. I did spend most of saturday devoted to grilling. The morning I thought about grilling, the afternoon I […]

Sad Phillies

Last night andy and I went to the phillies game, the night before as well… and we saw two very disappoint loses. The game tuesday was very exciting and the phils took it down to the last out.. Last night was just horrible. 9-3… I thought the phils had a chance, but the offense just […]

Go T Go.

My Super awesome wife is giving presentations today on Arcitc precipitation stuff. This is why I’ll probably end up living in Alaska somewhere. She likes Snow Good Luck this morning Tianna!

Happy Birthday to me!

26! I’m getting old. I got a grill! And went to the zoo! Pictures to come!