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The End of an Era..

Yesterday at about 2:00 I recieved the call. Abreu and Lidle to the yankees for a bunch of rookie league players. None of which are named Hughes. The phils recieved 4 prospects from the yankees. None of which blow me out of the water, but still we had to move abreu and shed his 13.6 […]

Lawns, Lawn Gnomes, and 5k’s.. All in one neat little package.

My lawn has been upsetting me. It was going good, then we put down more weed and feed (and by we I mean my wife without my express written consent) and it killed some of the grass that was growing.. The grass it killed was not the same I put down, and was more like […]

Guanaco or the Vicuña?

I’ve started reading Guns Germs and Steel again. I had a hard time getting into it when I first tried to read it, but I guess my reading tastes have matured a bit cause now I’m having a hard time putting it down. The book chronicles the rise of civilization in different parts of the […]