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Bowling and more.

Last nights bowling games were a success. WE took 2 of 4 last week, splitting the games with our opponnets. I saw my first 300 game as the bowling bowling opposite me rolled a perfect game. Very impressive. I bowled the my best game of a the season and second best game ever with a […]

Acorns and Alpacas

I’ve decided I’m going to grow some oak trees from acorn this winter. Should be pretty fun. I got two acorns at T’s geography picnic today and am going to plant them this week. I’ve been looking at information regarding alpaca farm subsidies lately. Not that I expect to be able to do anything about […]

Friggen French…

R.I.P. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin died today from a Stingray barb to the heart. RIP Steve Irwin. 🙁