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Bad Weekend for Philadelphia Sports.

Wow this october has been rough as a philadelphia sports fan. Eagles.. two tough losses in the last few seconds of the games the past 2 weeks. This week even worse. After a huge comeback and to take the lead in the final minute, McDougal gives up the game with a stupid stupid penalty that […]

Bowling Bowling Bowling..

oh bowling, what have ye done to me. I bowled like crap last night. Mood at the alley was a bit down thanks to some work talk. I should try not to let that stuff get me down, but it just seems pretty pessimistic on that aspect at the moment. Hopefully things will turn around… […]

Dan -1 Leaky Pipes – 0

I conqured the leaky pipes.. I replaced some, retightened some. lots of teflon tape. I am the champion. On the flip side I watched “Engineering an Empire” last night. Very cool show. They show how Rome and Egypt built their largest jawns. Like the Collesuem and the Pyramids. One thing I never knew was that […]

Laying Some pipe…

(10:24:10) Me: hi

Another Year, Another Missed Playoff Run

So close yet again. 1 game out of the wildcard. So reminiscient of last year. Charlie still couldnt get it done. Our only hope is that next year Hamels starts off as he played through most of august, Howard keeps hitting them out, Utley gets more consisteny, Rollins gets on base more often, Burrell is […]