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There’s a moose again!

Great Commercial. Anything with moose in it wins. Also love the Carol of the Bells, and parodies of it win even more. Yay.

Garcia for Floyd and Gio.

Got home from Cthulhu last night to see the news report on cnnsi. Phils deal for Garcia Oooh boy. I initally got a little worried as the earlier reports showed Rowand heading back to Chicago for Garcia. But delving a little deeper I saw that the phils gave up Floyd and Minor Leaguer Gio Gonzales […]

And the Season Begins…

With the beginning of December comes the long awaited winter meetings for the mlb Gm’s. With the fun excitement of arbitration and the first round of free agent signings, the season really starts to heat up with the winter meetings. Teams meet to discuss all manners of baseball, and the fun truely begins. My phils […]