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Pipes Vs Bogarts

I just realized I never posted anything about my ongoing battle with my pipes. In Feburary we had an incident involving a leaking polybutylene pipe from the upstairs bathroom in my house. This caused some severe damage to our dinning room ceiling as can be seen below: The resulting call to the plumber resulted in […]

And away we go!

Tonight is our first night for softball, we play the Scuppers. I’m way excited and a bit nervous. I hope I play alright! Dont want to get alot of errors or anything. Should be fun either way. Cole Hamels had the best game of his career on saturday. 15 k’s, Complete Game. Only gave up […]

Damn the Bullpen.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I’d have posted more if the phils were doing something halfway decent. But 1-6 is not even an 8th decent. Phils are floundering at the gun for the 3 out of the 4 past seasons. Only in 2003 did they have a respectable start. So in the meantime […]