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40,000 people screaming and waving white towels == Best Night Ever?

Last night was the single most exciting sporting event I’ve ever been to. From the starting 3 and out by Kendrick, the game was just perfect. Jimmy Rollins showed why he deserves the MVP award this year. Starting the Phillies off with his first pitch single, Jimmy backed up his pre-season boast that the Phillies […]

Could This be the year?

September 27th, 1 game out of the wildcard, 1 game out of t he NL East. The phillies are on the brink of the playoffs. After 14 years this could be the year the phillies finally make it. I’m so nervous… I’ve been on edge all week and highly irritable.. if the stress dosent get […]

RIP JFFB on Wikipedia

So today I found out that wikipedia deleted the Joshua Fit For Battle Wikipedia article, an article that I nor anyone else in the band even wrote. I’m sad to see the article gone as it was one of the last places you could find anything about JFFB on the internet. I did find a […]