Bogart Vegas Vacation Volume 2

So our first night in the city that never sleeps consisted of… sleeping.. and watching the convention channel which played history channel shows about Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We watched one on the mob in Vegas which had Seymour Skinner as the narrator. And one on the Hoover Dam, which rocked since we were planning on going there later in the week. We went to bed pretty early being on East coast time still and without our luggage and all we went to bed pretty miserable.

Our Luggage arrived early the next morning and we were quite happy. A shower with my Herbal Essecenes Shampoo made my day! The following morning we ate breakfast at the old people hotel cafe. We got omletts the size of my head! They were huge.

So after that we met up with Tiannas Parents and went over to visit Granny. That night we had dinner there and hung out and played cards. I’m a bad poker player and tiannas uncle took most of the winnings. We did come out with about 7 bucks between me and T by the end of the night tho.

The next day we took the rental car (a PT cruiser!) and went to Hoover Dam! on the way we drove through the Lake Mead Rec Area.. absolutely gorgeous. You can check the pictures out over at the Gallery to get an Idea. It was fantastic. Some of the prettiest scenery I had ever seen! Mountains and crazy rock formations, Gulleys, Canyons! Coolness. I wanted to see a cayote but no luck.

So no to the Hoover Dam. Lots of Concerete! It’s alot bigger and way more impressive then i first thought it would be. The shere scope of the thing is unbelieveable and looking over the edge is enough to give one a sense of vertigo. It’s amazing what humans can do and how we can manipulate the world around us. the amount of water behind the dam (all of lake mead) is impressive. We have pictures over on the gallery of this as well. T was disapointed that there wasnt a line demarking the state boundry like in the movie Fools Rush In. She felt betrayed by the movie for lying to her!

It was also neat to see the bridge that they are building over the colorado as a bybass for RT 15 around the dam. They had just kinda started and nothing was up yet, but the location and the scope of the how large the bridge is going to be, and how big it will be is very neato.

Ok, so tomorrow more to come including a movie review, more card playing and the Star Trek Convention! woohoo!

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