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Who’d have thought Utah was so cool!

So our next day of our trip took us to the land of the Mormons and multiple wives. It was a great trip driving out there. The scenery is just absolutely breathtaking. I’d never actually seen such rock and geological formations in my life. Nothing like this back East. Check out some of the scenery […]

Bogart Vegas Vacation Volume 2

So our first night in the city that never sleeps consisted of… sleeping.. and watching the convention channel which played history channel shows about Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We watched one on the mob in Vegas which had Seymour Skinner as the narrator. And one on the Hoover Dam, which rocked since we […]

Vegas Vacation Volume 1

So Me and T got up super early on the 8th for our flight out to vegas. We were scheudled to have a layover in San Fran. I was totally excited as I hadn’t been to San Francisco. Our layover was to be a few hours so we were gonna catch lunch with tianna’s brother […]

Bogart Vegas Vacation Part Duex

Well I’ve thought of the best way to compile all the crazyness that was my trip, and I think a post for each day of the trip written over the next three days is the best way to do it. I am holding off on pictures from the camera which T has to start posting […]

Bogart Vegas Vacation!!

So I’m in las vegas atm!! It’s very ciggartte smelly! More to come!