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Quaterback Controversey in Philly?

The drum beat for a new Quaterback in philly has begun. However this time Donovan is completely out of the picture. It’s been a while since we’ve had these types of worries around here. My proposal: Andy Hall! Let’s go UD! Bring in Andy! He cant do any worse then McMahon or Koy? I was […]

Shave Protest!!

It is official… The HMS morning crew (with a few exceptions) will be staging a shaving protest. We will not shave untill the Eagles win a game. Hopefully this will be a short protest!


Last night was horrible. My Stomach is still upset and I feel like I’m going to throw up…. In true Philadelphia fashion, the eagles took a 13 point lead into the final 4 minutes of the game, and managed to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” as my friend nick says. Even with Matt […]

Fightin Phils

You would think after 12 years it wouldn’t hurt as much anymore.. but alas.. today feels just as bad as the past 12, maybe even more. I was at the game in DC rootin on the phillies. cheering and clapping till my throat was horse and my hands hurt… Rollins with his single for his […]

What a Weekend!

What a weekend I had. Saturday night was a hang out night with the guys. Nick, Matt and Jason came over while the girls went to their Mary Kay party to get makeuped-up… We watched Salenas! and then went out to get some food and stopped by the video game store. Matt told me I […]

Sadness mixed with Joy

Alas: you cannot win them all… It’s a long season… It’s only one game… I keep saying these things to myself this morning after a heartbreaker last night. 14-10 Falcons over the Eagles. But the eagles will bounce right back against the niners on sunday so there is not much to worry about. And when […]

One Step Closer to Endless Debt!

Woohoo! On Saturday while celebrating T’s Birthday in virginia this weekend(happy b-day sweetheart!!) we got a call from our landlord. Looks like the owners of the house counter-offered us. We accepted so it looks like the house will be ours! There is some final paper work and stuff that needs to be taken care of. […]

Why I love Merril Hodge…

This guy is such a jerk. He really must hate philadelphia with a passion. Checking out ESPN’s “Expert Picks” for the NFL this year, this guy is the only person here, and the only person I’ve seen period, to not pick the Eagles to win the division. No need to mention that the eagles have […]

Fightin’ Phils!

Woohoo. What a game last night. Andy, Matt, Jason and Daria, and RJ came over to watch the phillies game last night. Good times. We watched the phillies stomp Pedro and the Metz. Chase Utley hit 2 HR’s off of Pedro. Twas a beautiful sight. This is getting us all pumped up for our phillies […]

Fantasy Football!

So we had our draft for fantasy football the other day. It was alot of fun.. maybe a bit long, but lots of fun! Here is my team ppost draft: K. Collins (Oak – QB) C. Johnson (Cin – WR) D. Bennett (Ten – WR) S. Alexander (Sea – RB) K. Jones (Det – RB) […]