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Gus’s Second Surgery

Back in July, my dog Gus, a large 1.5 year old Black Lab, ruptured his Cranial Cruciate Ligament(CCL) in his right leg while playing fetch at the local pond/dog park. The CCL injury is very smilar to an ACL injury in humans. The ligament holding the knee together ruptures and allows the knee joint to […]

Surgery Day

Today’s Gus’s Surgery Day. We fed him at 7:30 last night and picked up his water at 12. I gave him another pain pill right at 8 and he basically passed out for the rest of the night in a little drug induced doggie sleep. This morning we woke up bright and early and gave […]

Gus’s Ruptured ACL/CCL

My dog, Gus is a Black Lab. He’s a big boy. 110lbs of lab. He might be a little overweight, but our vet was not overly concerned. He had stated that he’s a typical American lab. While he mentioned he wouldn’t starve if he lost a couple of lbs, he felt he was a nice […]