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Pop Goes My Heart!

Happy Valentines Day T! A little late yes, but I was exhausted getting home last night. We went to see the new Hugh Grant movie “Music and Lyrics” with the Luggans last night. I must say this might be one of Grant’s best movies since About a Boy. Written and directed by Marc Lawrence who […]


Thursday’s Revisited

Today is another thursday.. their not really that bad of days really.. only 1 day of work left.. so cant be horrible.. and it’s not monday.. or wednesday call volumey… so it’s overall not a halfbad day.. Also it’s usually game nite day.. but not today. This thursday’s post is just a recap of the […]

Nature Blows

So my ongoing Saga of my Ducklings has proceded on and has broken my will/spirit and heart. I spent a good portion of sunday yelling at kids ranging from 7 – 13 years of age for throwing rocks at ducks, chasing ducklings, trying to pick up the ducklings. Don’t parents instill the value of life […]


Last nite was a movie nite with Andy. 9.25! what the fuck! so expensive now! We went and saw Sin City. The Movie was pretty awesome and Jessica Alba is super hot. The whole time watching it it reminded me of Max Payne 2 or hold Humphrey Bogart movies. The whole noir schtic. Was very […]