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RIP JFFB on Wikipedia

So today I found out that wikipedia deleted the Joshua Fit For Battle Wikipedia article, an article that I nor anyone else in the band even wrote. I’m sad to see the article gone as it was one of the last places you could find anything about JFFB on the internet. I did find a […]


I just realized that out of my last 10 blog entries.. 5 begin with me saying “So..”. That’s lame. I’m a horrible writer. I was reading my lastest George Washington book last night (that was so hard to start the sentence without saying so), there was a passage where they were going on about the […]


Wow! Alots happened since my last post!! Me and Matt went to a phillies v. mets game last night. Freaking Rock! Was super awesome great stuff. Burrell hit a hr, and Wolf pitched a strong 8. Thome’s 0-5 with no Hrs on the year.. Figures I’d have him on may Fantasy Baseball team.. and worrell.. […]