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Pipes Vs Bogarts

I just realized I never posted anything about my ongoing battle with my pipes. In Feburary we had an incident involving a leaking polybutylene pipe from the upstairs bathroom in my house. This caused some severe damage to our dinning room ceiling as can be seen below: The resulting call to the plumber resulted in […]

Move out! Move In!

So what a weekend! Mad props go out to all our friends who came out to help Tianna and I move. We so greately appreciate everything you all have done for us. Darrell, Matt, Heather, Josh, Jon, Andy, Nick, Jason, Daria, Billy, Gina, Annie, The Silvas, the Bogarts, the Ianacones.. Thank You all! You guys […]

Day 2 Home Owner

It is now day 2 of the Bogart Home Owning Era. Very excited to finally move in on sunday. We’ve been packing and arranging all kinds of crap now trying to get everything together to get ready to move. It’s amazing how much crap you find that you have when you are cleaning up. I […]

Another day older and deeper in debt…

Well here I am, 4pm on Tuesday October 25th, a homeowner! We just got back from signing all the papers and going into debt for the rest of our lives, and surprisingly enough I feel uber relieved/relaxed… no more stressing out over the closing.. Woohooo! My cousin hooked us up with the lawyer stuff, that […]

Magic Poof!

Last night I participated in my first Magic Game in like 10 years. Nick had a 5 points game, which everyone plays a different color. I didn’t do great, but wasn’t the first one out of each game either. Andy Stops won the first game as green, and nick won the second game as white. […]

On an on..

Well we met with the mortgage people and decided on a mortgage package. Our mortgage person seems really super nice, and Nancy seems to really like her so I’m keeping our faith on that to ensure we dont get screwed over. Another day older and deeper in debt! St Peter dont you call me cause […]

Sadness mixed with Joy

Alas: you cannot win them all… It’s a long season… It’s only one game… I keep saying these things to myself this morning after a heartbreaker last night. 14-10 Falcons over the Eagles. But the eagles will bounce right back against the niners on sunday so there is not much to worry about. And when […]

One Step Closer to Endless Debt!

Woohoo! On Saturday while celebrating T’s Birthday in virginia this weekend(happy b-day sweetheart!!) we got a call from our landlord. Looks like the owners of the house counter-offered us. We accepted so it looks like the house will be ours! There is some final paper work and stuff that needs to be taken care of. […]

Woah, I’m a grown up.

Well me and T just got home from our Real Estate Agents house (Jason Morris’s wife Nancy) after just putting in a bid for a house! The house is a Town House in the neighborhood we liked. The house is in fairly good condition and looks really nice. Kitchen was redone just recently and it […]