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And away we go!

Tonight is our first night for softball, we play the Scuppers. I’m way excited and a bit nervous. I hope I play alright! Dont want to get alot of errors or anything. Should be fun either way. Cole Hamels had the best game of his career on saturday. 15 k’s, Complete Game. Only gave up […]

Snow Snow Snow

We’ve gotten our first big snow storm of the year here in Newark. Woke up to the merry site of a sea of white all over the back yard. Went outside brused mine and T’s cars off with the broom, bundled up and began my merry trip to work. I used to be all about […]

What a Weekend!

What a weekend I had. Saturday night was a hang out night with the guys. Nick, Matt and Jason came over while the girls went to their Mary Kay party to get makeuped-up… We watched Salenas! and then went out to get some food and stopped by the video game store. Matt told me I […]

Pets of Katrina

Lately I’ve been seeing alot of news reports, both on TV and online, about pets that have either been abandoned or left behind in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. These types of stories really do devestate me when I hear about them. Dogs, cats, birds, snakes, hamsters, horses, and more all are suffering now due […]

Hurricane Katrina

This crap in New Orleans has gotten a bit out of control. It’s horrible to see the people of New Orleans falling apart into animals to easily. Looting, violence, murders, rapes, it’s horrible. I cannot belive fellow americans, fellow Human Beings would fall to such depravity. I visted New Orleans on tour with my last […]

Pardon the Interuption…

I’m gonna break up the Vegas trip stuff for a brief side note about last nights softball game! We had a really good time playing! The game was a continuation of HMS1 vs HMS2. we picked up from the top of 4th inning where it got stopped due to the rain. We were up 6 […]

Holy Shit We won!

Wow.. we won!! A softball game! We actually won a softball game!!! It was awesome Lou got a clutch 7th inning home run to bring us within one and then Big Bill Coleman hit a 2 run walk off home run! Amazing! It was an all round excellent performance by our team. Andy played some […]

Host My Rain Ball

So we had another game last night. We only got 4 innings in, so the game is not official as of yet. But Dan B HMS had some smooth plays. My Base Running Prowess caused an error and I was able to score from second on a errant throw from Mike Z to Byron. Not […]

Softball woohoo!

So we had another softball game after our 23-7 drubbing last week. This time the other team pulled out again so we had a little intra-squad scrimmage again. Although this time we’ve decided to devide our team in two and field two teams for the league now. This works much better and now we can […]

Wow.. We got smoked..

So we played our first game for the softball league today.. and boy we got smoked.. Lots of errors, lots of mistakes.. not enough base runners nor clutch hitting. We need to work on the fundamentals a bit more. It’s like a little league game where everyone runs to the ball. Also the 25 or […]