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40,000 people screaming and waving white towels == Best Night Ever?

Last night was the single most exciting sporting event I’ve ever been to. From the starting 3 and out by Kendrick, the game was just perfect. Jimmy Rollins showed why he deserves the MVP award this year. Starting the Phillies off with his first pitch single, Jimmy backed up his pre-season boast that the Phillies […]

Could This be the year?

September 27th, 1 game out of the wildcard, 1 game out of t he NL East. The phillies are on the brink of the playoffs. After 14 years this could be the year the phillies finally make it. I’m so nervous… I’ve been on edge all week and highly irritable.. if the stress dosent get […]

And away we go!

Tonight is our first night for softball, we play the Scuppers. I’m way excited and a bit nervous. I hope I play alright! Dont want to get alot of errors or anything. Should be fun either way. Cole Hamels had the best game of his career on saturday. 15 k’s, Complete Game. Only gave up […]

Damn the Bullpen.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I’d have posted more if the phils were doing something halfway decent. But 1-6 is not even an 8th decent. Phils are floundering at the gun for the 3 out of the 4 past seasons. Only in 2003 did they have a respectable start. So in the meantime […]

Spring cant get here soon enough.

As I watch Peyton and the colts finish off da bears, I cant help but think about baseball. The phils are starting to flesh out, adding alot of depth to some positions they struggled in last year. Rod Barajas C Adam Eaton SP Wes Helms 3B Freddy Garcia SP Jayson Werth OF Antonio Alfonseco RP […]

Garcia for Floyd and Gio.

Got home from Cthulhu last night to see the news report on cnnsi. Phils deal for Garcia Oooh boy. I initally got a little worried as the earlier reports showed Rowand heading back to Chicago for Garcia. But delving a little deeper I saw that the phils gave up Floyd and Minor Leaguer Gio Gonzales […]

And the Season Begins…

With the beginning of December comes the long awaited winter meetings for the mlb Gm’s. With the fun excitement of arbitration and the first round of free agent signings, the season really starts to heat up with the winter meetings. Teams meet to discuss all manners of baseball, and the fun truely begins. My phils […]

17 Games of Joy

“Dear DAN BOGART, Thank you for your 2006 Phillies ticket purchase at Citizens Bank Park. A summary of your order follows: 17 Game Plan-C” Woot!! You read that right.. I am now the proud owner of a 17 game season ticket plan to the phillies. I am overjoyed. Yes I am sharing this package with […]

Bye Bye Wagner

Well the New York Metzeez have been stocking up all year for what looks like a big run next year. With the names that they have thrown together over the past couple of years this team is looking big and juiced and ready to go for next season. Glavine, Pedro in the past few years.. […]

Gilick For President!

Thome for Rowand! Awesome! Phillies were able to solve their 1b problem. Keeping Howard became the key this offseason. And being able to ship off thome for salary relief is a huge windfall. Also finally getting a decent center fielder and put in some right handed batting help will be huge. Phillies always had the […]