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Snow Snow Snow

We’ve gotten our first big snow storm of the year here in Newark. Woke up to the merry site of a sea of white all over the back yard. Went outside brused mine and T’s cars off with the broom, bundled up and began my merry trip to work. I used to be all about […]

Shave Protest!!

It is official… The HMS morning crew (with a few exceptions) will be staging a shaving protest. We will not shave untill the Eagles win a game. Hopefully this will be a short protest!

Last Week…

As you may have realized from the lack of posts (if anyone reads this) last week was one of those weeks you just want to forget completely. So we’re not posting anything about it but this and moving right along

Wow did Yesterday Suck

One of the big problems about working for the internet, is that when it breaks, life truly is suky. My place of buisiness had a bit of a network hiccup yesterday that had one of our datacenter completely dead in the water for about an hour. No outbound or inbound traffic. Basically one of our […]

Blog the Planet!

So I just found out today we’re going to be offering a wordpress based blog hosting package here at work! That is super cool! And the way they are setting it up sounds really awesome. We’re going to allow them to upload their own themes and include 400+ themes to begin with. Very nifty! Blogging […]

GO Team Go!

So it’s been a busy last couple of weeks! Danny came home from Iraq the other day and was home for 2 weeks. Just long enough to see Carina born! She’s adorable and super cute. He had to head back this week tho. So It’ll be sad again. Also my sister moves to Wisconsin at […]

Thursday’s Revisited

Today is another thursday.. their not really that bad of days really.. only 1 day of work left.. so cant be horrible.. and it’s not monday.. or wednesday call volumey… so it’s overall not a halfbad day.. Also it’s usually game nite day.. but not today. This thursday’s post is just a recap of the […]

Nature Blows

So my ongoing Saga of my Ducklings has proceded on and has broken my will/spirit and heart. I spent a good portion of sunday yelling at kids ranging from 7 – 13 years of age for throwing rocks at ducks, chasing ducklings, trying to pick up the ducklings. Don’t parents instill the value of life […]

I Survived 4-12

And all I got was this lousy T Shirt!! Boy today was crap.. not only was it new plan day, and Firewall day, BUT! the internet decided to break today.. Thank you AT&T. Poor Darrell spent all day fixing shit and even more shit kept breaking.. Darrell deserves a Pizza, or a trophy, maybe a […]

Firewall’s Are Awesome

Yeah, Firewalls Rock. Today We did some stuff with firewalls that made DNS Resolution break. So that made my day suck so far. And matt is going home soon so makes it suck more. But on the upside We have new plans! Those are Cool! The foundation plan makes me think of Isaac Asimov. Forward […]