Cheerios for BreakFast!

Yes it’s true! I’m eating breakfast again today! First time in like a month. Me and T went to the supermercado after her game (Go T! Way to Win!) and got some danny food. Cereal, Pretzels, Chips.. Yumm! Not to mention some Dr Pepper.

In Video Game news, I just got my Geforce 4 4800 ti back from T yesterday and gave her the 5700 LE. This bumped my framerates in WoW up to 30-40 FPS. Freaking HOTT!!!

Also KOTR is playing better as is HL2. I need to tryo Rome:TTW and a few others to be happy, but with the new CPU and my 4800 back gaming should be a bit better at the Bogart Household.. I still need to convice T to let me get a 6600. I hear those are considerably better.

Phils lost again yesterday.. Dontrelle guy on the Marlins looks funny when he pitches.. He’s got that whole lanky thing going on and he kinda walks with a 50 cent limp. Pitched a good game tho 🙁

Oh well.

This weekend T’s rents come up. We’re gonna do some stuff with them which should be cool, but the Dali Exhibit is way too expensive.. blargh.

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