GO Team Go!

So it’s been a busy last couple of weeks!

Danny came home from Iraq the other day and was home for 2 weeks. Just long enough to see Carina born! She’s adorable and super cute. He had to head back this week tho. So It’ll be sad again.

Also my sister moves to Wisconsin at the end of the month! Insanity! She’s moving to a place called Grafton which is just north of Milweakue. My mom has been pretty sad about it.

The O’Neils came up to visit last week. It was nice having them up. First time they’ve been to DE since T and I graduated. They went swimming and played with the cats. And also we watched some star wars. It was a load of fun.

Ryan Howard is back with the team. And making a contribution now too! Abreu won the derby with a record 41 home runs! Awesome!

I’m workng 12-9 tonite. Was nice sleeping in today but I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow I bet.

Howard Potter This week!

Galaxxies is fun! fun playing with clayton matt and erick!

Oh man I’m all over the place!

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