Gus is a good boy.

12 week old gus is doing great. He’s grown significantly and is getting huge!

Ok maybe not huge yet.. but it seems like it. He’s got sit down pretty well, and is getting better at come. Walks are better as he dosent pull on the leash as much. He has moments where he gets a little psycho and bites and runs like crazy, but he’s doing much better.

He likes to chase mojo and gal around, and jango too when she comes downstairs. Mojo plays with him a littly bit, but gal will have nothing to do with it and swats him in the face. Good for her!

We’re trying to stop him from chasing them.. saying no and popping the leash when he does so.. dont want any accidents when he’s 80 lbs! but he’s already bigger then all the cats! Even fat head mojo!

We might take him hiking this weekend to start getting him used to being in the woods.

So yay for gus!

here’s a new picture of him:

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