Gus’s Second Surgery

Back in July, my dog Gus, a large 1.5 year old Black Lab, ruptured his Cranial Cruciate Ligament(CCL) in his right leg while playing fetch at the local pond/dog park.

The CCL injury is very smilar to an ACL injury in humans. The ligament holding the knee together ruptures and allows the knee joint to move in directions it’s not supposed to (side to side).

A few weeks later we opted to have the TTA or Tibia Tuberosity Advancement Surgery done on Gus’s knee. This was a very expensive procedure, but was highly recommended from everyone we talked to due to his size (about 100lbs).

The surgery went well, and the rehab and recovery although difficult, went smoothly.

At his 6 week checkup, the vet said things looked great on his right knee, but he was starting to see some signs of the left knee having the same kind of problem. It is very common that dogs who experience this injury in one knee will have a similar injury in the other knee due to the extra stress being put on it during recovery.

The vet recommend we have the surgery on the other knee, but stated we needed to wait 4-6 months.

We are now almost at 4 months out from the original surgery.. and we need to start thinking about the upcoming surgery.

We will be setting up a page for donations to help with the costs of his surgery. I figure I know at least 200 people. If we could get 10-15 dollars from 100 people it would go a long way towards helping to cover some of the costs for this very expensive surgery.

So please! Consider helping Gus out!! Donate a few dollars or more to his upcoming Surgery!!

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