Meet Gus!

Meet the newest member of our family.. Gus!


Gus is a 8 week old black lab that we adopted from La Mancha Animal Rescue.. I’d recommend checking their website out and for puppies! It’s the right thing to do!

We got Gus on Saturday the 16th.

We’ve been crate training him so far and it’s been going well. We keep the crate in our kitchen. Our bedroom is upstairs and we normally hear him crying around 1am. We go downstairs, grab a sleeping bag and a pillow and lay down on the kitchen floor next to his cage. We dont take him out of the cage tho. He quickly falls asleep after a pet through the bars or an encouraging word or two.

Last night (night three with Gus) he slept through the whole night! Very exciting.

We were very worried about him crying all night and waking our neighbor, but thus far that hasn’t been a problem. She even mentioned she isn’t able to hear him at all at night, which makes me feel very relieved.

Tonight we may try and let him just cry himself to sleep for the first time.

But puppy! yay!

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