Surgery Day

Today’s Gus’s Surgery Day.

We fed him at 7:30 last night and picked up his water at 12. I gave him another pain pill right at 8 and he basically passed out for the rest of the night in a little drug induced doggie sleep.

This morning we woke up bright and early and gave him one last walk (hobble) around the front yard to do his business on his non-bionic leg.

Broken Gus

After that we loaded him into the car for the 20 minute trip the vet in rush hour traffic. Wheee!

Gus loves car rides so this wasnt too bad. At the vet we finished filling out the info for the care card, got approved.. and signed over our dog to the vet to do their stuff to him.

When the lady came out to get him she said “Hey gus are you ready?!” He took one look at her and dove under our bench… obviously not ready… We coaxed him out.. gave him some last minute hugs and kisses and walked him over to the scale with the lady. His weight was down to 103.. meaning he lost 7 lbs over the past few days from lack of appetite.. When they went to take him back we walked out the door and he tried to follow us 🙁

Now we wait for the phone call. This sucks.

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