Gus was in Surgery for a while yesterday. We finally got the call that he was out of surgery around 3pm yesterday. Dr. Jankowski said that he did great and was recovering. He had a meniscus tear as well and needed to have that repaired too.

We picked Gus up today at the vet surgery center around 11am. He seemed happy to see us and Vet tech said he started getting antsy when we got there and he could probably smell us from his kennel.

He came out very very excited and happy to see us and nearly pulled the tech across the floor to us. We gave him lots of pets and loves he got to us.

We were concerned about the stairs at our house, but the tech told us they should be ok, and we just need to keep him controlled on the stairs to keep him from running up and down them too quickly. I think we’ll still keep using the towel to lift him up the stairs when we go up.

Gus seems to be in a bit of pain still. was whimpering a bit when I was home this afternoon. He’s been sleeping since I left and will probably need to stay drugged up for the next week or so. Hopefully our boy will be all healed up as quickly as possible!!

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