Last night was horrible. My Stomach is still upset and I feel like I’m going to throw up….

In true Philadelphia fashion, the eagles took a 13 point lead into the final 4 minutes of the game, and managed to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” as my friend nick says.

Even with Matt trying to give me encouraging words, I watched the eagles season slip out of their grasp.

How a team gives up 14 points in 21 seconds is unfathomable. The defense giving up the TD in 45 seconds, and then the horrible mistake by McNabb. Uggggh.

Donovan played one series too many. Had he been pulled after the huge hit on the interception, the eagles might have been able to move the ball into position for the a score to put them up. Now I’m not like the normal boo birds calling for McNabb to be taken out, but when he comes hobbling off the field, and obviously cannot plant and throw, every pass was sailing well over the recievers heads, you have to go with your best chance to win.

McMahon came in and looked pretty, good. With McNabb in the condition he’s in it might be better for him to take the surgery and have McMahon take the eagles to the end of the season.

The MNF team put up the graph of major championships in the Phily region for the top 4 major sports… rubbed it in they did.

I truly thing that this may be the best chance for Philadelphia. The Flyers man. Forsberg is unbelieveable. Yes they lost last night as well, but at 11-4 (Less losses then the Eagles right now!) they have the best chance to win a championship for this team.

The Wagner bidding war has begun. The Metz seem to be the biggest player and word on the street is they are planning on outbidding the Phils. Looks like they are willing to give him the 4 years Garunteed that he’s looking for.

All in all a bad day for philly sports. I’m going to go and hope my stomach stops doing flips in the meantime.

Oh yeah, 37 in Wow… but who really cares when the Eagles are 4-5?

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